Bailey Insights Consultant

Jeron A. Bailey

Lead Consultant & Trainer

Jeron Bailey has been an Early Childhood Education advocate for nearly 15 years. She has devoted her time to ensuring that children and their families receive the highest level of care through investing in the teacher and leader's professional growth. 

Jeron's passion for the field of Early Childhood Education led her to complete her Masters in ECE with a ESL Endorsement. 

Ms. Bailey has served all ECE sectors and communities from public, private, military and international Early Learning and Youth Programs. 

Ms. Jeron has been recognized by the Department of the Navy for her Professional Development Initiatives and published in their reputable literature. The Council of Recognition has also endorsed the work that she does getting staff certified with CDA Credentials.  

Through strategic solutions, Bailey Insights will increase the quality of care provided to your program's staff, children and families.